Call for Testing: WooCommerce for iOS 1.3

Thank you to everyone who helped test the WooCommerce app during the beta period! Now that the app is available to the public we want to make sure new releases continue to run smoothly and meet your needs. WooCommerce for iOS version 1.3 will be available soon on the beta channel.

What’s new?

  • You can now quickly switch sites without having to log out and log in again.
    • To test it, make sure that you have more than one store linked to your account. Then, navigate to Settings in the app (while logged in) and tap on Switch Store. Confirm that the details for the correct store appear throughout the app.
  • The name of your store is now shown as the title of “My Store” tab.
    • Let us know if there are any problems with your store name not appearing, or showing up incorrectly.
  • When adding a note or fulfilling an order fails, the message box now shows a “Retry” option.
    • To test it, open an order in the app and try adding a note or fulfilling an order when you aren’t connected to a wifi or data network.
  • Fix: Orders can now have decimal quantities.

How to join the test?

If you are already part of the beta program, check the TestFlight app on your device for updates.

If you are joining the beta community now, you can follow the instructions on how to join the iOS beta.

Where to report your feedback?

Sharing your feedback or issues is simple: just comment on this post. Add separate comments for every issue so we can reply specifically, or write one comment with all your thoughts  — up to you. And if you’re new to testing, take a look at these tips on writing great feedback.

We are aiming to gather all your feedback in the next two weeks, and close this round of testing on March 11.

Thank you!

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Rachel McRoberts is an Excellence Wrangler at Automattic. She promotes excellence throughout the product cycle with customer-focused planning, meticulous testing and troubleshooting, and constant feedback.

6 thoughts on “Call for Testing: WooCommerce for iOS 1.3”

  1. I tried switching stores (sites) while I was in airplane mode and ran into trouble — I got stuck on the store picker screen, and after force closing the app (which I expected would effectively “cancel” the switching action and take me back to my store dashboard) I ended up on the login screen.

    There an open GitHub issue about that and I added my feedback there as well.

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    1. Otherwise, site switching worked as expected for me. Everything in the app switched to my newly selected store. Things I checked:

      * The store name on the My store dashboard
      * Store stats on the My store dashboard
      * Pending orders on the My store dashboard & Orders tab
      * Top performers on the My store dashboard
      * Notifications on the notifications tab
      * The store that’s shared when I select “Share your Store” on an empty notifications tab


  2. I tested my store name as the title of the My store tab. It showed up as expected in both portrait and landscape mode.

    I also tested changing my store’s name to include special characters (accented characters, symbols, emoji) and everything showed up perfectly. When I made more store name very long, it filled the available space and then showed an ellipsis, which made sense.

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  3. I tried fulfilling an order and adding a note while offline.

    Fulfilling an order:
    It felt a little strange to see two messages, one saying “Order marked as fulfilled” and then another saying e.g. “Unable to fulfill order #1” (I confirmed I see the appropriate order number). I guess the first message is optimistic, but it felt too optimistic to me given that it directly contradicted the failure message.
    I also noticed that if I tap “Undo” on the “Order marked as fulfilled” message I still get the “Unable to fulfill order #1” message — in fact, it comes up twice. That was odd.
    However, I confirmed that the “Retry” button on the failure message works as expected. I tried fulfilling the order while in airplane mode, reconnected to the network, and when the failure message came up I tapped “Retry.” My order was fulfilled as expected.

    Adding a note:
    This doesn’t seem to work for me. I turned on airplane mode, tried to add a note, and after I tapped “Add” I felt haptic feedback like a message should be appearing. However, I didn’t see a message — maybe it was obscured by the keyboard? Because of that, I wasn’t able to retry it. This definitely looks like a bug and I opened an issue for it here:
    I also noticed that if I then dismiss the note screen while still offline, none of my previous notes on that order appear. They only appear when I reconnect to the network. Given that this only happens if I’m persistently offline (rather than when there’s a momentary network issue) I’m not sure if it’s really a bug.

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    1. The behaviour when fulfilling an order seems to be the expected one. That does not mean it is the ideal one 😉

      What we do is present the success message, the one saying “Order marked as fulfilled” as soon as users tap the “Fulfill Order” button. Fulfilling an order requires a round trip to the backend, so I presume that we do it that way to provide immediate feedback to users, assuming that in most situations things will work as expected.

      In most cases, if the device is connected, even if the connection is not too good, there will be a delay before presenting the error message. However, in the case where there is no connection at all, we’d see exactly what you described.

      One thing we could do would be not presenting the success message If we know that there is no connection. I am not familiar enough with the codebase to know how difficult or easy that would be, but I would be happy to open an issue to investigate it

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      1. Thanks for the explanation! I’ve been thinking about it and the more I consider it the more I think the current behavior seems ok. I think having that immediate feedback is really useful in almost all cases. Maybe in the future we could look at the offline experience (when we know there is no connection) holistically, rather than worry about this one scenario in isolation.

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