Call for Testing: WooCommerce for Android 1.4

Thank you to everyone who helped test the WooCommerce app during the beta period! Now that the app is available to the public we want to make sure new releases continue to run smoothly and meet your needs. WooCommerce for Android version 1.4 is now available on the beta channel.

What’s new?


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when undo-ing a review moderation
  • Fixed a UI issue that could show an apparent duplicate review when trashing the last review notification
  • Fixed various issues caused when rapidly trashing or spamming reviews
  • Fixed rare crash after moderating a product review
  • Fixed bug that could cause an empty review detail to appear if the review couldn’t be loaded
  • Fixed bug that could cause review detail not to appear after tapping a review notification
  • Fixed bug that could cause an “Update to WooCommerce 3.5” message to appear in your dashboard
  • Fixed a very rare crash during logging
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Top Performers from appearing
  • Fixed an issue where stats would stop updating


  • Product images are now shown in review detail and order detail
  • In the notification list, only the first two lines of a review are now shown

How to join the test?

If you are already part of the beta program, check the Play Store for updates.

If you are joining the beta community now, you can follow the instructions on how to join the Android beta.

Where to report your feedback?

Sharing your feedback or issues is simple: just comment on this post. Add separate comments for every issue so we can reply specifically, or write one comment with all your thoughts  — up to you. And if you’re new to testing, take a look at these tips on writing great feedback.

We are aiming to gather all your feedback in the next two weeks, and close this round of testing on March 22.

Thank you!

Published by

Jeremy Massel

Jeremy is a Mobile Infrastructure Engineer at Automattic.

3 thoughts on “Call for Testing: WooCommerce for Android 1.4”

  1. Product images are now shown in review detail and order detail

    This works great for me. I see the product images in both the review and order detail, and when there isn’t a product image set I see a placeholder in the app.

    In the notification list, only the first two lines of a review are now shown

    This change works well for me. However, I’m seeing some other issues with reviews:

    * In the notification list, a review’s star rating doesn’t always load right away. The star rating is also then missing in the review detail. Pulling to refresh the notification list worked to load it, so I’m not sure if the star rating is just loaded different from the rest of the notification and takes longer to sync?
    * In the review detail, a very long review can end up overlapping the Gravatar and star rating, and get squished up against the moderation buttons. I noticed this twice, both times when I tapped the push notification to open the app and see the review:
    * I can’t scroll the review detail. In portrait a very long review will be cut off, with no visible moderation buttons; in landscape the review may not be visible at all:
    * In the review detail, the star rating can appear above or below the review text:


  2. This is more of a design question on the Notifications tab:

    When I view my notifications, there’s no indication which of the reviews have been approved and which are not approved. Could there be a way to distinguish between the two, so that when I’m scanning through my notifications I know which ones I need to take action on?

    In the WordPress app, I also get notifications for new reviews (just like comment notifications) and they have a subtle color difference for approved and unapproved reviews/comments. Here are screenshots to compare the two apps:


  3. I believe the woocommerce android app reached a stable state for managing orders and reviews. Thanks for the great work for woocommerce android team.

    There are some problem with order management in the woocommerce, which is making this app an incomplete solution for me:
    1. Order doesn’t contain any pricing information for any custom pricing added by Woocommerce Extra Product Options – Theme Complete plugin. This is the top seller plugin in codecanyon and many the stores are using it right now, but woocommerce app doesn’t handle it’s output.
    2. The app don’t provide custom order status and just have complete status option after the order is in processing state. I have a custom order status like delivered but this is not available in current woocommerce android app.

    I hope woocommerce android team will look after the basic yet most important functionality in any woo Store.


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