Call for Testing: WooCommerce for Android 1.7

WooCommerce for Android version 1.7 is now available on the beta channel. Thank you for beta testing! Your feedback helps us make sure WooCommerce app releases run smoothly and meet your needs.

What’s new?

  • New feature: You can now tap a product to view a read-only detail view. To test, tap on a product anywhere in the app (e.g. in an order detail or in the Top Performers insights) and confirm that a product detail view appears. Confirm that all of the product details are correct, that you can share the product using the share icon in the top right, and you can use the link in the detail to view the product on your store. Try it out with different kinds of products with different details, and report any issues with the product details not appearing as you expect.
  • Shipment Tracking date formatting is now localized. If you use the WooCommerce app on a device in a non-English language, confirm that the date is formatted as you’d expect in your language.
  • In the help section, the FAQ button has been renamed to “Help Center” and now routes to WooCommerce mobile documentation instead of the generic WooCommerce one.

Please don’t limit your feedback to these changes! Let us know if you’re running into trouble with any part of the app, or if there are things you think it could do better.

How to join the test?

If you are already part of the beta program, check the Play Store for updates.

If you are joining the beta community now, you can follow the instructions on how to join the Android beta.

Where to report your feedback?

Sharing your feedback or issues is simple: just comment on this post. Add separate comments for every issue so we can reply specifically, or write one comment with all your thoughts  — up to you. And if you’re new to testing, take a look at these tips on writing great feedback.

We are aiming to gather all your feedback in the next two weeks, and close this round of testing on May 6.

Thank you!

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Rachel McRoberts is a Quality Engineer at Automattic. She promotes excellence throughout the product cycle with customer-focused planning, meticulous testing and troubleshooting, and constant feedback. Currently, Rachel is embedded in the Automattic apps division, leading quality initiatives for the WordPress, WooCommerce, and Simplenote apps.

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